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Dance Classes in Robbinsville, NJ

How to Avoid Common Ballet Injuries 

Ballet, as well as other dance genres, is intended to appear flawless and effortless. However, creating such perfect motions takes a lot of power, flexibility, and endurance. Because ballet and other forms of dancing can be so taxing on the body, it’s not unusual for injuries to occur. Continue reading to learn more about the […]

Tap Into Summer 2022

Did you know that tap dance provides a lot of unique benefits? Here are some reasons why you should sign your child up for tap dance classes this summer (besides the obvious of it being super fun!) It teaches your child basic math skills A one, a two, a one, two, three, four! Throughout the […]

5 Popular First-Dances for Your Wedding Celebration

It’s October so, you know what that means – wedding season! Whether you, yourself is getting married or a friend or family member, you better get ready to dance. For those who are in the midst of wedding planning, you might be thinking about what you and your partner’s first dance will be. Everyone will […]

Why You Should Dance Back Into the School Year

It’s September, that means it’s back to school for kids and teachers.  If you’re a teacher, you’re probably knee-deep in lesson planning by now. As important as those are, it’s just as important to squeeze in a little fun with your students. One easy way to do this is by bringing dance into the classroom! […]

4 Things You Should Expect From Your First Dance Class

When it comes to our kids, we’re always pushing them to try new things. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Starting something new, despite your age, can be pretty nerve-racking. It’s especially challenging when it’s completely out of your comfort zone. Dancing is one of those things we all secretly do in private, […]

How Dancing Can Help You Reconnect With Your Partner

When they say dancing is good for the heart, they don’t just mean heart health! During our parents’, grandparents’, and great-grandparents’ generations, dancing was a popular date night option. What happened to that? This summer, let’s put the (d)ance back into Romance! Whether you’re looking for a father’s day or summer birthday gift or just […]

Looking For a Universal Remedy? Dancing Might Be the Cure

Dancing offers tons of benefits besides pure joy and entertainment. Many experts have linked dancing to improved memory, coordination, and even gut health. Sometimes, the only medicine that’ll work is a taste of a good time with good people – dancing might just do the trick. Are you stressed out for that big math test? […]