The Dos and Don’ts of Dance Moms

All for Dance isn’t like the Abby Lee Dance Company. But being the parent of a dancer definitely takes a lot of time, effort, and energy, and it can be easy to be swooped up into drama and an ultra competitive mindset. Here are some helpful reminders of the dos and don’ts of being a dance mom.


Be supportive

It’s important to encourage your child and remain supportive – especially when they lose or fail. Having your support means the world to them and can be a large player in their overall confidence and self esteem growing up. 

Push your child to improve

Just like all sports, your child is there to not only enjoy themself, but get better! As a parent, you can help. Consider creating an open space at home where they can practice dancing. Or better yet, come in a bit early or late to dance class to get in some extra practice.

Make friends with the other parents

Lead by example! If your child is shy, but sees you making an effort with the other parents, they most likely will too! 


Compare your child to other children in the class

Even if another kid is awarded the solo for the next competition or scores higher than your own kid, try to stop comparing them. Every child’s development is different and not every child will be as talented as the dancer next to them. 

Get overly competitive

Remember: what’s important is that they’re having fun, not that they win! Dancing is just like soccer, baseball, etc. – there will always be someone better than your kid, but that doesn’t mean that  you should get overly competitive. Plus, if you do, they will too, which will only hurt them in the long-run. 

Argue with other parents 

This is typically only an issue when it comes to dance teams (which All for Dance offers)!

Be mindful that the other parents there want the best for their kid, just like you do. Arguing with other parents is definitely a NO-GO!

At All for Dance, we welcome children aged 2 and older at any level. No matter the level of experience they begin with, they will surely improve over a few classes! Keep in mind some of these guidelines when it comes to being a dance mom (or dad), as we enjoy creating a safe, fun environment for all our kiddos! Register your child for classes today!