Tap Into Summer 2022

Did you know that tap dance provides a lot of unique benefits? Here are some reasons why you should sign your child up for tap dance classes this summer (besides the obvious of it being super fun!)

It teaches your child basic math skills

A one, a two, a one, two, three, four! Throughout the entirety of a tap routine, a dancer must pay attention to specific beats. That’s right – counting! This can be a fun and productive math lesson for your children aged 2 and older. Reading the same books can be repetitive, and you only have so many fingers and toes to practice counting at home.

Switch up your traditional math learning exercises and take your child to tap dance lessons this summer. They will learn to dance to the music, which will not only improve their counting skills, but also their attention to detail!

Dancing helps engage different parts of the brain

A dancer’s success relies on their ability to connect the different areas of the brain. In order to master tap dance moves, rhythms, and routines, one must have an in-tact attention span and focus level. Tap dancing also improves one’s memory  – a core skill your child will use throughout the entirety of their life and future career. 

Not only will your child get the hang of certain movements at every class, but they will also have to retain that knowledge for the next class. This is great practice for learning things like the ABCs and color wheel.

Each tap improves motor skills

Yes, they make a lot of toys for at-home purposes that help build upon your child’s motor skills (puzzles, play-dough, using scissors to make snowflakes out of paper, etc). However, tap dancing can do the same thing and is way more hands-on. Well, maybe feet-on. With weekly dance classes, you will notice a big change in your child’s ability to administer both fine and gross motor skills.

It’s especially great for high energy kids!

Some kids never seem to run out of energy. While plopping your kid in front of a screen for an hour can help distract them, it’s not exactly the healthiest habit you want to encourage. 

Dancing is a healthy alternative to screen-time. Your high-energy kid will be able to physically work off some of that pent-up energy and also give you time to do that necessary errand or self-care routine. 

Who knew tap dance lessons could be the fun alternative to math or science camp? We did! All for Dance offers not only tap dance classes, but more than 10 other dance styles. Sign up your child today for a great summer experience this year.