New Year’s (Dance) Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

1. Step out of your comfort zone

And by comfort zone, we mean the studio! Dancing outside the studio is different because it prevents yourself from comparing yourself to the others. Dancing in a new environment also helps you improve your skills and technique! Try dancing in the kitchen or even at work in between meetings!

2. Keep a dance log

Track what types of dances you’ve been doing and for how long. This will help balance different styles and get a better sense of how much you are exercising each week in relation to your calorie consumption. It can be especially helpful when setting fitness goals for yourself.

3. Go electronic free

In this day and age, it’s pretty tough to do. Phones, laptops, tablets – they’re everywhere. Try putting your phone away (unless you’re using it to listen to music) and JUST DANCE. 

Stepping away from your screens is great for your mind and your eyes, who stay in the same, fixed position for hours on end. The blue light isn’t helping them either. Taking a 10 minute dance break can help give your mind and body the necessary recharge it needs to keep going. 

4. Meditate more

Did you know that meditation can increase productivity by 120%? Try it sometime!

Dancing is an underrated form of meditation. It gives you the necessary time to reflect, which will make you calmer and more appreciative – both helpful qualities in relationships! Dancing helps you block out the outside world and focus on yourself, which will ultimately improve the relationship you have with yourself too.

5. HAVE FUN!!!!

Take a break from work and whatever else is stressing you out these days and bust a move! Dancing is fun, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. 

Many studies support the mental benefits of dancing. Those who work it into their daily schedules notice a real improvement in their overall wellbeing.

Let’s face it – a lot of New Year’s resolutions are unrealistic and time consuming. This New Year’s, consider making some dance-related resolutions. Squeezing more dance into your routine is cost-efficient, easy, and FUN! And while you’re at it, register your kids for dance classes at All for Dance too.