How to Avoid Common Ballet Injuries 

Ballet, as well as other dance genres, is intended to appear flawless and effortless. However, creating such perfect motions takes a lot of power, flexibility, and endurance. Because ballet and other forms of dancing can be so taxing on the body, it’s not unusual for injuries to occur. Continue reading to learn more about the most frequent ballet injuries and how they may be prevented.

Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain usually happens when the ankle is forced beyond its normal range of motion, which can lead to overstretched or torn ligaments. Although you may not be able to completely prevent this injury with your child, four-way ankle exercises can help strengthen their ankles and reduce the risk of a sprained ankle.

Trigger Toe

Trigger toe is an overuse injury that causes inflammation and damage to muscles involved in pointing the big toe when they are active. When your kid’s toes are used in ballet, they can avoid trigger toe by following excellent technique and not crunching their toes.

Ankle Impingement

The tissue in the front or rear of the ankle is pinched, resulting in a dance injury. Make sure your kid stretches their Achilles and pointe properly; doing so may help to prevent ankle impingement.

Snapping Hip

If you hear a snap sound near the front of your hip, it may be from snapping hip syndrome. This can become painful if the IT band is too tight or weak. To prevent this in children, have them use a foam roller on theirhip flexors, quadriceps, IT band, and glutes. Strengthening the glutes can also help to prevent snapping hip.

Hip Impingement

Hip impingement can be caused by a variety of issues, including arthritis, labral tear, stress fracture, muscle strain, and others. A foam roller can also assist in the prevention of this problem! Have your youngster use a foam roller on their hip flexor, quadriceps, IT band, and glutes.

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