Dance Into the Gift-Giving Season

It’s the beginning of the holiday season – you know what that means. The parking lot at the mall has never been more crowded. Speaking of, here’s to hoping you don’t have to do that hectic, last-minute Christmas Eve trip to the mall. Start early this season, you’ll thank yourself later. 

Here are a few gift ideas for your….


You could get the classic pair of earrings or new belt, but have you ever considered getting your husband or wife ballroom dancing classes? Dancing with your partner is a unique way to connect with them in a way you typically don’t. It’s a fun way to practice working together as a team – even though you might already do that on a daily basis when it comes to raising your kids.

Another idea is to go to a fun new restaurant that has a dancing scene. A lot of cities have secret speakeasies, both old and new, underneath restaurants. Next time you have a work meeting in NYC, check out PDT – Please Don’t Tell


While we all know your child gets enough, we still love spoiling them when it comes to the holidays. Yes, we agree that there is such a thing as too much screen time, but we have to admit: it’s convenient when you need a minute to yourself. Consider getting your child a Nintendo Switch or Wii for the holiday. And maybe throw in a game like Just Dance so they can burn off their next sugar rush and annoy you less – it’s a win/ win for everyone.

Another gift idea for your child is getting them dance lessons! All for Dance offers a variety of dance classes – and at such a reasonable price. Who knows, maybe they’ll love it and you’ll keep them up even after the holiday season.


By friend, we mean your child’s friend. We assume we are really speaking to the kid’s parent who is most likely buying the gift for their son’s or daughter’s friend. Have your child take their friend to the arcade for a fun-filled afternoon, instead of the classic gift card. They can play games like Dance Dance Revolution or ski ball.

Parent (or your child’s Grandparent)

No matter the age or health condition of your parents, there is something they will always love: music! If your parents are exceptionally into music, consider gifting them a new record player. They might still have theirs from last century, but it could be a neat way to upgrade. They’ll still be compatible with their vinyl collection, too. They can listen to Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett or whoever it is that they love and maybe even bust a move. 

There’s definitely a common theme across all these gift ideas. Dancing, whether you’re young or old, is a fun thing to do at all times of the year! All for Dance encourages children to build their confidence and enjoy themselves from a young age. Register your child for dance classes today!