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Recital News - April 2, 2022

Happy April! There are only 34 days until our technical rehearsal and 42 days until recital awesome is that!  
As we get closer to this wonderful time of year, there is a lot of information to share.  To be sure you are well aware of all the details, please print this email and the attachments so you have them handy throughout our recital season.
  • IN STUDIO DRESS REHEARSAL - April 23 to April 29
    • All dancers must bring their costumes to class for our in studio dress rehearsal.  If any alterations are needed, please be sure to have them completed.  
    • Please label all costume pieces prior to our in studio dress rehearsal
    • At the beginning of each class, dancers will try on costumes and perform in them one last time to be sure they are recital ready.
    • A parent/guardian should attend for all dancers in Tiny Tot, Pre Kinder, Kinder, Advanced Combo, Junior Petite and Petite level classes.
    • Dancers do not need to wear their recital tights to our in studio dress rehearsal.  We do recommend trying on your recital tights prior to April 23 to make sure they fit.
    • Dancers do not need to do their recital hair and make up for our in studio dress rehearsal.
  • RECITAL PACKET DISTRIBUTION - April 23 to April 29
    • All families participating in our recital will need to pick up their recital packet when they arrive for class.
    • This packet includes a student backstage pass, security wristbands for checking in & out of the backstage area and a copy of your technical rehearsal and recital newsletters.
    • All dancers in Tiny Tot, Pre Kinder and Kinder
      • Hair - High Curly Ponytail
      • Makeup - Light Neutral Eyeshadow, Rose Blush and Mauve Lip Gloss or Lipstick
    • All dancers in Advanced Combo, Junior Petite, Petite and Senior Petite
      • Hair - Slicked back low ponytail located in the back of the head between the ears with a center part.  
      • Makeup - Neutral Eyeshadow, Rose Blush, Mascara and Mauve Lipstick
    • All dancers in Junior, Senior and Elite
      • Hair - Slicked back low ponytail located in the back of the head between the ears with a center part
      • Makeup - Neutral Eyeshadow with White Brow Highlight, Eye Liner, Mascara, Rose Blush and Mauve Lipstick - False Eyelashes may be worn.
    • Lipstick Color Recommendations - Revlon Mauvy Night #473, Maybelline Mauve It #770
  • TICKET DAY - April 24
    • Tickets are sold online through Dance Recital Ticketing starting on Sunday, April 24 according to the following schedule:
      • Senior Graduates - 10:00 AM - for solo performance only
      • Show 1 on sale start time:  10:15 AM
      • Show 2 on sale start time:  10:30 AM
      • Show 3 on sale start time:  10:45 AM
      • Show 4 on sale start time:  11:00 AM
      • Show 5 on sale start time:  11:15 AM
      • Show 6 on sale start time:  11:30 AM
      • Show 7 on sale start time:  11:45 AM
      • Show 8 on sale start time:  12:00 PM
      • Open sales for all remaining tickets:  2:00 PM
    • There is a ticket limit of 8 tickets per dancer during the first round of ticket sales to allow all families the opportunity to purchase tickets.  The ticket limit for graduates is 10 tickets for your solo performance during the first round of sales.  
    • All remaining tickets will go on sale beginning at 2:00 PM on April 24.  We are very confident that we will have additional seats available to purchase for every show when open sales begins at 2 PM.
    • You are required to use a code to purchase tickets on April 24 until 2:00 PM.  This code is needed to enforce our ticket limits.  
    • At 7:00 AM on April 14, you will receive an email with your ticket purchasing codes from Dance Recital Ticketing.  If your dancer is in multiple shows, you will receive a separate email and code for each show. Please print that email to be sure you have it on hand on ticket day.
    • All seats are sold as assigned seating.  When purchasing tickets, you will use a seating chart to select your seats.
    • The price of tickets is $24.50 plus a $2.05 Dance Recital Ticketing service charge.  
    • There are a few obstructed view seats available to purchase.  The cost of obstructed view seats is $19.50 plus a $2.05 service charge.
    • All for Dance students attending a performance are eligible for a 1/2 price student ticket.  A credit to your May tuition will be applied for any student tickets purchased.  A link for letting us know that you purchased a student ticket will be sent after ticket day.  
    • There are handicap accessible seats and wheelchair seats available at our venue.  Those seats are marked in the online seating chart.
    • A seating chart for Bordentown High School can be found here:  Seating Chart
    • You may also purchase tickets on the phone with Dance Recital Ticketing, if you prefer through their customer service call center (706) 550 - 1416.
    • Tickets are not needed for any children ages 3 and under that are sitting on a lap.
    • Dancers performing in the recital do not need a ticket.  Dancers are required to stay backstage for the entire performance.
    • Backstage volunteers do not need a ticket to the recital.  Volunteers are required to stay backstage for the entire performance.
    • It's time for all dancers to practice on stage.  Please print the attached dress rehearsal newsletter for details about our technical rehearsal.
  • RECITAL WEEKEND - May 14 & 15
    • It's showtime!  Please print the attached recital newsletter for details about our recital.
If you do not remember your dancer's technical rehearsal performance time or recital assignment, you may find those on the parent bulletin board on our website, AFD Parent Bulletin Board.  The password to access the bulletin board is ALLFORDANCENJ.  A copy of the performance order for each show can also be found on our bulletin board.
All merchandise purchased through our online recital store is expected to arrive this week.  All technical rehearsal studio t-shirts are expected to arrive this week as well.  We will let you know as soon as they arrive and are ready for pick up.
Now is a great time to help your dancer find time in their schedule to practice.  Knowing their routine is a great way to feel confident on stage and an important step in getting ready for a wonderful celebration of a year of hard work.
Please let us know if you have any further questions.  We'd love to help!  
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