5 Ways That Dancing is Great for Your Physical Health

Most people assume that it’s an apple a day that keeps the doctor away, but that’s probably because they haven’t tried dancing! Dancing is a great substitution for standard exercises, and is way more fun than hitting the weight room. It also has a ton of mental health benefits – but that’s for another time. Here are just 5 ways that dancing can improve your overall physical health.

It’s a Great Cardio Alternative – Great for Shedding Belly Fat!

Dancing is one of the most entertaining forms of cardio, especially dance styles like Zumba. Zumba involves the entire body, making sure to hit those regions you don’t typically work. 

Certain Movements Can Boost Gut Health

Have you noticed how toned belly and hula dancers are?  All those hip movements also have another benefit – improving gut health. 

Moving your hips around stimulates the growth of some of the “good” bacteria in your gut. This will help you digest meals more efficiently, and eliminate some of that stomach pressure. 

It’s Great Before Bed, Especially After Late-Night Snacks

Did you know that late-night snacking can lower your metabolism? It’s so easy to do, especially when the kitchen is on the same floor as your TV and living room. If you find yourself unable to resist the temptation, try working a little of it off before falling asleep. 

It’s so easy to fall into the couch cushions with a heaping bowl of popcorn, but if you make it a habit, you’ll definitely notice a change in your metabolism and hormones. Instead, try having a brief, midnight dance party. Soon you will notice a tremendous change in your metabolism – the key to a fit lifestyle.

It Tones Muscle!

Dancing may not build muscle like weight lifting does, but it definitely tones your muscles. When you dance, your body is burning fat, making those muscles underneath poke out a little more. Dancing is all about the lengthening, leaning, and strengthening of the muscle tissue. It’s great for growing kids, as it’ll keep them lean, without necessarily bulking them up. 

Dancing Can Improve Balance

Dancing strengthens the muscles in your core, stomach, and back, while also lengthening the muscles around the spine. This will automatically help improve posture, and thus balance. Practicing stabilizing your center of gravity will be helpful with other forms of exercise like weight lifting – and prevent some of that shrinking that happens with old-age!

It’s never too early or late to start working on your fitness. Dancing provides a list of physical health benefits and is one of the most enjoyable ways to see real results. Consider signing your child up for dance classes at All for Dance! You’ll notice a big change in their coordination, which will improve their athleticism in general. And, not only that, but you’ll get to see them have fun, consistently.