5 Ways Dance Can Help Your Hyperactive Child

You’ve probably tried all the children’s activities in the book by now – finger painting, swimming lessons, soccer practice, etc. What you might not have considered, however, is dance classes. Taking your child to dance class can provide many benefits for your children (and give you some much deserved time off). Here are a few ways that dance classes can improve your child’s wellbeing, both physically and mentally:

Dancing improves social skills

You might not consider dancing to be a super social activity, but it definitely teaches youngsters how to work with others. For starters, they will learn to follow close instructions from their teacher in order to keep up. They will also have the opportunity to chat with their classmates and even make a friend or two. Dancing is not just an individual activity, especially when you are surrounded by other kids!

It’s a confidence booster!

Learning how to perform in front of an audience at an early age can instill a strong sense of confidence in your little one. Confidence is the backbone of a healthy social life and future career. Watch them grow into a social butterfly after only a few lessons!

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone

Whether your child is an expert or a beginner, they will be surrounded by a wide spectrum of talent. While for some it might be a bit disheartening to not be as coordinated as the experienced ballerina next to them, it will instill an inner fire to compete with them. 

After all, it is just as beneficial for children to learn from other children as it is for them to learn from adults or a dance instructor. Other children can inspire and motivate our own children to get better. Soon enough, your child will be dancing circles around the child that used to be the best in the class.

Dancing sharpens children’s memory and focus

Telling your child to make their bed and clean their room has never been easier. Studies show that body movement increases cognitive acuity at all ages (dancing also helps slow the rate of Alzheimer’s in adults). Dancing can also encourage your hyperactive child to block out the outside world and focus on the task in front of them. This ability will translate to other areas of life, including school.

Dancing expands creativity

When we think of creativity and children, we often think about painting, drawing, and playing imaginary house. Dancing provides children with a different type of creativity – one that intersects the mind and body. In other words, it forces them to think on their feet and find unique solutions to problems.

These are just a few benefits of signing your child up for dance classes. Plus, your little ones will definitely have a blast. You can choose from ballet, tap, pointe, jazz, hip-hop and more! Contact us and register your child for an All for Dance class.