5 Popular First-Dances for Your Wedding Celebration

It’s October so, you know what that means – wedding season! Whether you, yourself is getting married or a friend or family member, you better get ready to dance.

For those who are in the midst of wedding planning, you might be thinking about what you and your partner’s first dance will be. Everyone will be watching, so you want it to be good! Check out some of these popular wedding dances – hopefully they can inspire yours!

The Sway

The sway is the most typical, go-to dance style for newlyweds (and prom night). This dance is great because it requires little to no preparation, and can be easily personalized. Plus, its slow pace gives the happy couple time to talk before the reception!

All it entails is wrapping one hand around your partner, the other holding their hand. Women typically wrap their arm around the man’s shoulder, while men typically hold the woman’s waist. From there, it’s just a soft, swaying motion, side-to-side. It’s honestly hard to mess up. 

The Waltz

The Waltz is classier than the sway, but needs a bit more practice and coordination. It’s also a bit faster! The steps are known as “box-steps” which are split into forward, backward, and side-to-side stepping.

Swing Dancing

Swing Dancing is definitely a few steps above the sway or the waltz. Many swing routines include lifts and stunts, which as you can imagine, require focus and coordination (and hours of dance lessons). 

Something to note about swing dancing: it’s not totally bride-friendly, as a long train could make the dance clumsy and difficult. This is perfect for the two-dress bride who changes into something more comfortable for the reception. 

Flash mob

This is for the spontaneous, adventurous couple! 

Rather than having a traditional, slow-paced first dance, a flash mob could be a fun alternative. Start by slow dancing with your partner at first, accompanied by soft music, then dive into a rehearsed flash mob! You can include the bridal and groom parties to throw off the rest of your guests. If you’ve seen the show The Office, you’ll probably remember the flash mob at Jim and Pam’s wedding. It’s a sure way to have fun and take off some of that first-dance pressure.

Your first dance is the first time you’ll be introduced as a married couple. For many, it is a memory that will last a lifetime. Dancing isn’t JUST for weddings though – you can do it anytime, anywhere! Register your child for dance classes at All for Dance today for a well-rounded dance education – and maybe even future wedding dance practice.