4 Things You Should Expect From Your First Dance Class

When it comes to our kids, we’re always pushing them to try new things. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Starting something new, despite your age, can be pretty nerve-racking. It’s especially challenging when it’s completely out of your comfort zone. Dancing is one of those things we all secretly do in private, but for whatever reason it’s embarrassing to do with an audience. 

There are definitely some things you can expect from your, or your kid’s, first dance class or lesson. 

You’re probably going to be a bit nervous

Starting anything for the first time will make you a little nervous. Being nervous is actually a good thing, though. If you never feel nervous, that’d signify that you’re not growing as a person. The saying “Do something everyday that scares you” really comes into play here.

And shy

For the kids on the shyer side, taking dance classes won’t be any different – at first. They might feel a little timid being around classmates they’ve never met before. All for Dance offers weekly classes where your child will enjoy seeing some of the same faces every week. This will make them feel more and more comfortable performing in front of groups and putting themselves out there. If you’re kid can do that, there’s nothing they can’t do.

You might feel completely out of your element

Even though you might be the top salesperson at your firm or employee of the month, it might not exactly translate over to your dancing skills. It might feel frustrating at first to not be the best.

Dance classes are a great way to teach your children to take risks. Taking a risk could be as straightforward as learning how to ride a bike for the first time or signing them up for  dance class they’ve never heard of before. They might feel like they’re making a fool of themselves at first, but they’ll get the hang of it. Pretty soon, dancing will be second nature to them and they’ll want to start something new again.

You won’t be able to stop comparing yourself to others

It’s natural to do. Comparing ourselves to others (to an extent) is good because it keeps us motivated to get better. It pushes us to get better, no matter the craft. But don’t do it too much – dancing is supposed to be a stress-relieving activity. 

Dancing might make you sore the next day

Dancing utilizes pretty much all the muscles in your body. It also doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising sometimes. You might not be totally used to a lot of the movements or rhythms you’re doing the first lesson. It might even feel unnatural in the moment. And if it doesn’t, you’ll definitely feel the burn in your calves or forearms the next morning! 

Dancing is great for toning muscles. Haven’t you ever noticed how fit the dancers are on Dancing With the Stars?

Even if it’s completely out of your usual routine, try dancing sometime. Whether that means at dance class with All for Dance or in your kitchen, it’s a great form of cardio that is genuinely and enjoyable. Register your child for one of our many dance classes and watch them build character, one two-step at a time.